Privacy Policy

Hi! This site uses an open-source program called GoatCounter for minimal web analytics. However, it doesn't track you across the web, and it doesn't try to collect any personal data.

Instead, it's intended to help me know which posts are most popular, which devices to focus site development on, and what browsers to test.

What does GoatCounter collect?

Very little! It doesn't even need a GDPR notice. These include browser info, approximate (state/country level) location, and screen size.

Can I turn it off?

There's no toggle on the site, but if you'd like to avoid running the JavaScript, you can either:

GoatCounter does allow for a 'tracking pixel' version of itself, though, so disabling JavaScript won't entirely switch off GoatCounter.

However, GoatCounter doesn't collect identifiable information, so blocking it provides minimal benefit. Please consider safelisting the site in your content blocker if it doesn't bother you. It helps me continue to create engaging content for your viewing pleasure!

(No hard feelings if you leave it disabled, though! I get it!)


If you'd like to share any comments or concerns about GoatCounter or the rest of the site, you can let me know via email. Thanks for reading! ☺️